💻 About my blog


This blog post marks my first attempt at writing in English, so the article may lack fluency and contain grammatical errors. (I simply want to improve my English skills. 😊)

🚀 Foreword

I have been building and writing on my personal blog website since my college years. I have previously used Hexo and Hugo to build my website, as well as other blogging platforms.

However, I recently realized that I had been relying on other people's frameworks and themes. I didn't want to be like everyone else. Why couldn't I have my own unique website?

That's why I created this project, which now serves as my blog. It grants me the freedom to customize the content, style, and layout to my liking, which is very liberating. I also enjoy the process of creating it and I can learn about Nextjs framework.

View Online

Github: magren.cc

🦊 What did I do?

  • Using Next.js 13 and App router, also it’s Image and Link component. (The Image component can utomatically optimize images and also supports responsive design. And the Link component can be preloaded, and when the user hovers over the Link component, Next.js will automatically preload the target page's code.)
  • Tailwind CSS for multi-terminal adaptation and dark mode.
  • By Using Notion and Notion api, that I can use Notion as database and I can write my blog on Notion Because its API was too slow, I have now switched to reading from a local MDX file.
  • The website has basic blog features such as tags, reading lists, and an 'about me' section.

💻 Stacks & Uses

🎈 Running Locally

  1. Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/Magren0321/nerukigat.git
  1. Go to the project directory
cd nerukigat
  1. Install dependencies
pnpm i
  1. Run the development server
pnpm dev

 Deploy your site

Visit the Vercel, create a project, and import your GitHub project.

📅 After that

(WIP) The project is still under construction. I plan to continue optimizing and maintaining it to improve its functionality.

In the next step, I will add a comment feature and an RSS link..I have added them all.